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Grand Mosques in Islamic History: Are they the model?

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Author list: Allahham A
Publication year: 2019
Title of series: Mosque Architecture
Number in series: ISBN 978-967-460-840-8
Volume number: 2
Start page: 323
End page: 336
Number of pages: 14
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Languages: English-United States

as occurred throughout Islamic history were not consistent in their status and
architecture. They went through different transformations in accordance with
the political mode adopted by the Islamic ruling regime. Today, grand mosques that occurred in different Islamic dynasties became, regardless of
their variations, the archetypal for establishing the architectural identity of
the contemporary mosque. 

The current
paper attempts to problematize and contextualize
mosque architecture as emerged throughout Islamic history from a critical
analytical perspective. It raises questions
about the “Islamization” of mosque architecture; whether the adjective
“Islamic” in the term “Islamic architecture” of which they constitute a central
part, fits with their mechanism of production; and can such grand mosques
constitute the model for the contemporary mosque architecture?

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