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Design and implementation of digital tele stethoscope

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Author list: Ijlal Shahrukh Ateeq, Kamran Hameed, Malik Khowaja and Sana Hyder Khan
Publication year: 2018
Journal name in source: IFMBE Proceedings
Title of series: IFMBE Proceedings
Number in series: 68
Volume number: 2
Issue number: 2
Start page: 867
End page: 873
Number of pages: 7
Web of Science ID: 000449742700160
PubMed ID:
Scopus ID: 85048213678

Our project relates to Tele-stethoscope which is specially
designed to provide state of art technology to medical and
health professionals to provide best possible practices to
the seniors, people with disabilities, and people in distant
areas who may have difficulties to grab a proper health
care facility. Initial stage of this project was to consult our
professors, health professionals and sketch a concept
design. Even though, electronic stethoscopes are available
in market but they are out of reach of a common man. We
revisited the cost and put up a cost analysis which has
turned this instrument more economical. Research was
completed to identity the frequencies of head sound
which stethoscope needed to filter. The concept includes
all the attributes that a Tele-stethoscope should include.
Next step was to design analog circuit which comprises
pre-amp and post amp stages and then the interfaced to Pc
via a free open source. Project was then tested with the
help of Skype voice call messenger and we successfully
transmitted cardiac sounds with such high quality and

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