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Ultrasonic synthesis, magnetic and optical characterization of Tm3+ and Tb3+ ions co-doped barium nanohexaferrites

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Author list: M. A. Almessiere, Y. Slimani, S. Guner, S. Aldakhil, A. D. Korkmaz, M. Sertkol, H. Gungunes, Ghulam Yasin and A. Baykal
Publisher: Elsevier
Publication year: 2020
Journal: Journal of Solid State Chemistry
Journal name in source: Journal of Solid State Chemistry
Volume number: 286
Issue number: June 2020
Start page: 1
End page: 10
Number of pages: 10
ISSN: 0022-4596
Web of Science ID:
PubMed ID:
Scopus ID: 85081138096

This study investigated the structural, optical and magnetic properties of BaTmxTbxFe12-2xO19 (x ​≤ ​0.05) nanohexaferrites (NHFs) produced by ultrasonic assisted sol-gel combustion approach. The structure of all samples was characterized through XRD powder pattern, SEM, TEM and HR-TEM. UV–Vis diffuse reflectance studies specify that direct band gap (Eg) of pristine BaFe12O19 increases from 1.86 ​eV to maximum 2.55 ​eV due to ion substitution. The field dependent magnetization σ(H) loops at 300 and 10 ​K were registered by applying a dc magnetic field up to ±10 ​kOe. Substitutions of Fe3+ ions by Tm3+ and Tb3+ ions affect remarkably the magnetic parameters of samples. Measured remnant magnetizations (σr) and coercivity fields (Hc) are in a range of 25.60–32.88 emu/g and 2116–4334 ​Oe, respectively at RT. On the other hand, estimated RT saturation magnetizations (σs) are in a range of 44.30–58.31 emu/g, and magneton numbers (nB) are between 8.83 and 11.72 μB. Magnetic parameters at 10 ​K have much greater magnitudes as σs ​= ​65.11–94,12 emu/g, σr ​= ​32.50–47.75 emu/g, nB ​= ​12.96–18.91 μB. Coercive fields sharply decreased to a range of 720–2068 ​Oe ​at 10 ​K. All samples exhibit strong ferromagnetic features at both temperatures. The observed magnetic features assign that the ultrasonically produced NPs hexaferrites are suitable materials for high-density recording media and permanent magnets.

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