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Hodgkin’s Lymphoma as a Multiloculated Lung Cavity Lesion

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Author list: Aisha M. Al-Osail, Hind S. AlSaif , Mashail M. Al-Hajri, Hajer M. Al-Zuhair, Deemah A. Al-Abdulhadi, Emad M. Al-Osail, Sarah M. Al-Hajri
Publication year: 2017
Journal acronym: JCO
Issue number: 24
Start page: 64
End page: 68
Number of pages: 5
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Background: Pulmonary manifestation of Hodgkin’s
lymphoma is common, and recently, single and/or multiple
lung cavities with air-fluid levels has been reported as a
primary manifestation of Hodgkin’s lymphoma. However,
the unusual presentation of the lung cavity itself has
not been previously reported for Hodgkin’s lymphoma,
especially as the first presentation of the disease.
Case Presentation: We report a 16-year-old male
who presented to the emergency department with
chief complaints of fever, unintentional 10-kilogram
weight loss, a productive cough and pulmonary cavity
for investigation. The patient’s CT scan indicated
multiloculated cavity lesions in the middle lobe with an
air-fluid level and multiple enlarged mediastinal lymph
nodes, which have not been previously reported as a
primary presentation for Hodgkin’s lymphoma or in the
histopathology of the nodular sclerosing type of classical
Hodgkin’s lymphoma.
Conclusion: Pulmonary manifestation of Hodgkin’s
lymphoma has already been reported and must be part
of the differential diagnosis of lung cavity lesions, even if
the likelihood is low based on previous reports, especially
in younger individuals. Multiloculated lung cavities can be
the first presentation of Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

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