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اتجاهات الطلبة نحو التعليم الالكتروني في مساق الرياضيات في جامعة اليرموك الاردن

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Author list: حمد, أسماء
Publisher: جامعة فلسطین
Publication year: 2020
Journal: مجلة جامعة فلسطین للأبحاث والدراسات / Palestine University Journal for Research and Studies
Volume number: 1
Issue number: 4
Start page: 187
End page: 206
Number of pages: 20
ISSN: 2410-874X
Web of Science ID:
PubMed ID:
Scopus ID:
eISSN: 2410-874X

This study aimed to identify students' attitudes towards e-learning in mathematics. The sample of the study consisted of (80) male and female students from the Mathematics Department at Yarmouk University. To achieve the objectives of the study, the researcher used the descriptive and analytical method.

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