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Global Recession & Global Financial Institutions: Evidence From Top 100 Global Brands (2001–2015)

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Liste des auteurs: Kamran Ahmad Siddiqui, Ishtiaq Ahmad Bajwa, Muhammad Ather Elahi
Année de publication: 2018
Numéro du volume: 2
Numéro de publication: 9
Page d'accueil: 207
Dernière page: 220
Nombre de pages: 14
ISSN: 2501-8590
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eISSN: 2501-8590

This paper aims to present the brand equity trends among top banks and financial brands during 2001-15. The research uses the data published by world’s leading brand consultancy Interbrand. During 2001-2015, a total of 19 financial brands from seven countries appeared in the top 100 global brands list. Analyses were made on the basis of cumulative brand equity, average brand equity and growth patterns. Some major trends presented in this paper are; (a) global economic recession (2008-2009) affected the financial brands more than other sectors; (b) different clusters of financial institutions moved differently during recession and afterwards (c) dominance of American financial brands remained the key observation.

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