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Isolation and Characterization of a Pseudomonas fluorescens
Strain Tolerant to Major Indian Water Pollutants

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Author list: Samina Wasi, Shams Tabrez and Masood Ahmad*
Publication year: 2010
Volume number: 1
Issue number: 1
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Degradation or biotransformation of xenobiotics by members of soil microfl ora is an important means by which
these substances are removed from the environment thus preventing from becoming a pollution problem. Several
studies conducted in India suggested that the major toxicants present in surface water are heavy metals, pesticides
and phenolics. The strain SM1 isolated from soil contaminated with domestic and industrial wastes of Aligarh city
was characterized on the basis of morphological, cultural and biochemical properties and presumptively identifi ed as
Pseudomonas fl uorescens. This Pseudomonas fl uorescens SM1 strain could grow well in presence of 2.34 mM Pb2+,
5.07 mM Ni2+, 11.7 mM Cu2+, 0.13 mM Cr6+ and 2.7 mM Cd2+ taken in combination in the culture medium and also
seemed to utilize some pesticides namely BHC, 2,4-D, mancozeb, as well as phenolics e.g. cresol, phenols, catechol
and resorcinol as the source of carbon and energy. Therefore, Pseudomonas fl uorescens SM1 strain could be a good
candidate for remediation of some heavy metals, phenolics and pesticides in heavily polluted sites

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