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Gender Preferences for Men and Women Advertising Models in Saudi Arabia

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Author list: Kamran Siddiqui, Marwah Adnan Alahmadi
Publisher: Asian Journal for Public Opinion Research
Publication year: 2021
Journal: Asian Journal of Public Opinion Research
Journal acronym: AJPOR
Volume number: 9
Issue number: 4
Start page: 352
End page: 367
Number of pages: 16
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eISSN: 2288-6168

Purpose: This research aims to examine gender preferences for men and women advertising models in Saudi advertisements. Saudi Arabia is known as one of the most gender-segregated society in the world, and it has gender-specific roles, characteristics, and behaviors that are undesirable for the other gender.

Methodology: The questionnaire was developed with the help of earlier studies on perceptions towards advertising models and validated by a jury of experts and focus groups. The gender preferences for ten product categories (including automobiles, baby care products, cigarettes, cosmetics for women, fashion, food & beverages, motorcycles, personal care for men, personal care for women, sporting goods) were examined for men and women models. Similarly, three personal preferences characteristics for both genders (face beauty, voice quality, and Islamic dress), two characteristics for women models (body shape, femininity), and two characteristics for men models (height-weight balance, masculinity) were examined for men and women models separately. Finally, a survey was conducted to solicit responses from respondents (N=412).

Findings: Results indicated significant gender preferences for gender-specific product categories and typical gender stereotypes in advertising models. Men models were preferred in men-specific products, and women models were required in women-

specific products. Some product categories (including personal care for men and sporting goods) were ranked higher for men advertising models, while for women advertising models, other product categories (including personal care for women and cosmetics for women) were ranked higher. Masculinity was ranked highest as the preferred personal characteristic for men advertising models, while voice quality was highest for women advertising models. Finally, there is a significant difference between the preferred personal characteristic for men and women advertising models for three characteristics, including face beauty, Islamic dress, and masculinity and femininity.

Implications: Saudi Arabia is a unique society with predominantly unique cultural dominance. Consequently, local culture greatly influences advertisements. It has stereotyped gender roles even in advertisements. This study will establish a baseline for further research on the subject area.

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