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An analysis of residents’ satisfaction with attributes of urban parks in Dammam city, Saudi Arabia

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Liste des auteurs: K.M. Maniruzzaman, Ali Alqahtany, Antar Abou-Korin, Faez S. Al-Shihri
Editeur: Elsevier
Année de publication: 2021
Journal: Ain Shams Engineering Journal
Numéro du volume: 12
Numéro de publication: 3
Page d'accueil: 3365
Dernière page: 3374
Nombre de pages: 10
ISSN: 2090-4479
Web of Science ID: 000700775300006
Scopus ID: 85102057354
eISSN: 2090-4495

Parks improve the environment of the city, and the physical and psychological well-being of users, thus

enhance their quality of life. However, these positive effects on individuals are contingent on their use of

parks, the level of which is a function of their satisfaction with factors such as accessibility, safety and

amenities of the parks. In this study, users of a sample of three parks in Dammam City were surveyed

regarding their level of satisfaction with selected items. Comparisons were made among different user

groups by analyzing the ordinal data with non-parametric techniques. The results suggest no difference

in the satisfaction levels among the users of the three parks, so the issues seem to be systematic.

However, there are gender- and age-based differences of satisfaction. It is hoped that the results would

help authorities in conducting further studies and setting priorities regarding developing new parks and

improving existing ones.

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