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Psychometric Properties of the Wechsler-4 Scale for Deaf People with Moderate Intellectual Disability

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Sous-titre: Hearing impairment
Liste des auteurs: Samer Mohammad Abu Drei
Année de publication: 2021
Lexique des acronymes: INT-JECSE
Numéro du volume: 13
Numéro de publication: 2
Page d'accueil: 1252
Dernière page: 1269
Nombre de pages: 18
ISSN: 13085581
Web of Science ID: 000727564900050
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This study aimed to identify the Wechsler-4 Intelligence Scale for Deaf people with Moderate Intellectual Disability. A descriptive survey method was used. The sample on deaf included (73) deaf students in Jordan and the WISC-IV standard was applied in the sign language on them. Validity indicators were content validity (80%), Construct Validity Internal (0.351 - 0.435) for each of the tests (Perceptual Reasoning Index, PRI), (Working Memory Index, WMI). And (Processing Speed Index, PSI), except for the Verbal (Comprehension Index, VCI) test, the value of the correlation coefficient with overall intelligence was (0.074), which are non-significant values at the significance level (0.01), and Concurrent Validity with the Goodenough-Harris Drawing scale (0.688) and achievement (0.887). Also, the Reliability scale was the Test Re-test method (0.866), the arbitrator's agreement (78.2%), the Split Half (0.901), and Cronbach Alpha (0.797). The results showed that the overall intelligence level (IQ=50.23).The results showed that there are differences in the level of the sub-tests and the value of the arithmetic mean (VCI) = (58.37), (PRI) = (52.73), (WMI) = (52.68), (PSI) = (64.14), and Full-Scale IQ = (50.23). The results showed that there were differences in the level of (PRI) attributable to gender in favor of males. And no differences in the level of intelligence attributed to the variable of hearing impairment. The study recommends related to the understanding of sign language of deaf Moderate Intellectual Disability, and studies related to the development of the perceptual intelligence of the deaf.

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