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Students’ perspectives on the relevance of internet-based educational video(s) in dental education

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Liste des auteurs: Badr A. Al-Jandan, Imran Farooq, Soban Qadir Khan
Editeur: Elsevier
Année de publication: 2015
Nom du journal dans la source: Journal of Taibah University Medical Sciences
Numéro du volume: 10
Numéro de publication: 3
Page d'accueil: 288
Dernière page: 292
Nombre de pages: 5
ISSN: 1658-3612
Web of Science ID: 000448331200005
Scopus ID: 84939256896


This cross-sectional study sought to obtain the perceptions of third year students of the University of Dammam faculty of dentistry about the usefulness of Internet-based educational videos in assisting oral biology lectures.


The study was conducted at the College of Dentistry, University of Dammam during March 2014. A validated questionnaire containing 10 questions was distributed to all of the participants. The first eight questions, related to the usefulness of videos during lectures, required dichotomized (agree/disagree) responses. For the last two questions (number of videos to be added and the time period allocated to these videos in each lecture), multiple options were provided for selection. The data were analysed statistically by using the chi-square test.


The sample size was 70 students (39 male and 31 female), with an overall response rate of 97%. The majority of students positively perceived the role of videos in assisting lectures. However, significant differences (p < 0.05) were found between male and female students regarding their understanding of lectures with/without videos and retention of knowledge gained from lectures with videos.


Videos should be included in the lectures, so long as any video included is analogous to the desired learning outcomes of the lecture.

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