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A heart on the wrong side

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Author list: Mohammed Almansori, Shady Ouf
Publisher: Elsevier
Publication year: 2014
Journal: Journal of the Saudi Heart Association
Journal name in source: Journal of the Saudi Heart Association
Volume number: 26
Issue number: 4
Start page: 237
End page: 238
Number of pages: 2
ISSN: 1016-7315
Web of Science ID:
PubMed ID: 25278731
Scopus ID: 84908051373

A 49-year-old female presented with pneumonia. On examination, heart sounds were heard on the right side of the chest, resulting in an initial impression of dextrocardia. Chest X-ray (Fig. 1Fig. 1) and echocardiography demonstrated dextro-position of the heart with no associated congenital anomalies. Subsequently, computed tomography of the chest was performed, revealing an absence of a right lung parenchyma with abrupt termination of right main bronchus after bifurcation of the carina, and a shift of the heart to the right side as shown in Fig. 2Fig. 2. No other congenital anomalies were detected.

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