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Severe Generalized Tetanus

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Subtitle: A Case Report And Literature Review
Author list: Wadiah AlFilfil, Mohammed Alshahrani, Mohammed Abdulbaser, Nazeh ElFakarany
Publisher: Medknow Publications
Publication year: 2015
Journal: Saudi Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences
Journal acronym: SJMMS
Volume number: 3
Issue number: 2
Start page: 167
End page: 169
Number of pages: 3
ISSN: 1658-631X
Web of Science ID: 000440998600014
PubMed ID:
Scopus ID:
eISSN: 2321-4856
Languages: English-United States

Tetanus is a toxin-mediated disease produced by the bacterium Clostridium tetani characterized by generalized rigidity and muscle spasms that may cause respiratory arrest and death. Tetanus typically gains access to the body through apparent or unapparent wounds. Implementation of mandatory vaccination programs has successfully decreased the prevalence of this disease worldwide. We report a case of severe, generalized tetanus in a male patient who presented to the emergency department with dysphagia and back stiffness with no clear history of any trauma, except small subungual hematoma found on physical examination. The patient was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit, received the full supportive therapy for tetanus, and discharged home in good condition.

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