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Achieving sustainable cities in Saudi Arabia: Juggling the competing urbanization challenges

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Author list: Ismaila Rimi Abubakar, Yusuf Adedoyin Aina
Publication year: 2016
Start page: 42
End page: 63
Number of pages: 22
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This chapter highlights the challenges of rapid urbanization in Saudi Arabia and the implications of its
burgeoning urban population on urban sustainability. The first section of the chapter reviews the trend
of urbanization in the Third World, and Saudi Arabia in particular, and the factors responsible for rapid
urban growth. The second section critically analyzes major urbanization challenges in Saudi Arabia
and their impacts on the people and the environment. The final section assesses the extent to which some
sustainability initiatives being implemented by the government are meeting the competing and sometimes
conflicting urbanization challenges. The chapter concludes with some policy implications.

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