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Primary dorsal spine hydatid cyst

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Liste des auteurs: Ibrahim Abobaker Al-Ghnimi
Editeur: Bahrain Medical Bulletin Editorial Board
Année de publication: 2013
Journal: Bahrain Medical Bulletin
Nom du journal dans la source: Bahrain Medical Bulletin
Numéro du volume: 35
Numéro de publication: 2
Page d'accueil: 100
Dernière page: 102
Nombre de pages: 3
ISSN: 1012-8298
Web of Science ID:
Scopus ID: 84878497258

Primary dorsal hydatid cyst is rare and one of the important health conditions to be addressed in endemic countries and nations where the affected individuals may migrate.  
A twenty-seven years old female presented with gradual onset of mid-back pain and progressive numbness and weakness of both legs. MRI dorsal spine images showed multiple peripherally enhancing cystic lesions located in the posterior mediastinum with extension to adjacent vertebrae D4-5 causing destruction with kyphotic deformity and extension to posterior element. A small cystic lesion is extending to right aspect intraspinal canal causing displacement and compression of spinal cord at D4-5 level. The clinical presentation, diagnosis and treatment of this case are discussed and review of the literatures is presented. 

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