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Prevalence of Sympatric Parasites in the Flathead Grey Mullet Mugil cephalus (Linnaeus, 1758) - Arabian Gulf - Saudi Arabia

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Liste des auteurs: IBRAHIM G, AlQurashi N, Hashimi S
Editeur: Scholars Middle East Publishers
Année de publication: 2018
Journal: Haya: The Saudi Journal of Life Sciences
Lexique des acronymes: SJLS
Numéro du volume: 3
Numéro de publication: 4
Page d'accueil: 391
Dernière page: 404
Nombre de pages: 14
ISSN: 2415-6221
Web of Science ID:
Scopus ID:
eISSN: 2415-623X

A total number of 1042 flathead mullet Mugil cephalus were searched for

parasites during summer & autumn 2015 and winter & spring 2016. Six different

parasite taxa belonging to Microsporidia, Myxozoa, Ciliophora, Anisakidae and

Gnathostomatidae were identified. The total number of infested mullets along the

study period with one or more parasites was 396 representing a percentage of 38.0%.

Mullets were infested with Microsporum velveticum through ingesting the

intermediate host. This parasite was observed in the intestinal epithelia, adipose

tissue, liver, stomach epithelia, muscles and air bladder. Myxidium depressum was

observed in the liver and gall bladder of infested mullets in a plasmid stage that had

undergone sporogony forming multicellular myxospores. Trichodina murmanica was

observed on the gill surface, the operculum and respiratory epithelium where

superficial to deep ulcerative lesions were visible. Third Larval stages of Anisakis

simplex, Raphidascaris acus and Gnathostoma spinigerum were observed free in the

duodenum and ileim or encapsulated in the stomach epithelia, liver, and muscles.

The infra-community of protists was highest in winter and fall while for parasitic

nematodes was during spring and summer. Seasonal fluctuation of the parasite

community was demonstrated by using standard calculations.

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