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Fundamental solutions for the conformable time fractional Phi-4 and space-time fractional simplified MCH equations (2021)
AIMS Mathematics
Mahmoud A. E. Abdelrahman, S. Z. Hassan, R. A. Alomair, and D. M. Alsaleh
Memory based cuckoo search algorithm for feature selection of gene expression dataset (2021)
Informatics in Medicine Unlocked
Malek Alzaqebah, Khaoula Briki, Nashat Alrefai, Sami Brini, Sana Jawarneh, Mutasem K. Alsmadi, Rami Mustafa A. Mohammad, Ibrahim ALmarashdeh, Fahad A. Alghamdi, Nahier Aldhafferi, and Abdullah Alqahtani
New theoretical results and applications on conformable fractional Natural transform (2021)
Ain Shams Engineering Journal
Zeyad Al-Zhour , Nouf Al-Mutairi, Fatimah Alrawajeh , Raed Alkhasawneh
Hybrid Brain Storm Optimization Algorithm and Late Acceptance Hill Climbing to solve the Flexible Job-Shop Scheduling Problem (2020)
Journal of King Saud University - Computer and Information Sciences
Alzaqebah M, Jawarneh S, Alwohaibi M, Alsmadi M, Almarashdeh I, Mohammad R
Modules over infinite-dimensional algebras (2018)
L. M. Al-Essa, S. R. López-Permouth and N. M. Muthana
Face Descry System in Exams Committees (2017)
IJRDO-Journal of Mathematics
Eman A.E. Ahmed
New synchronization schemes for delayed chaotic neural networks with impulses (2017)
Eadah Ahmad Alzahrani, Haydar Akca and Xiaodi Li
Analyzing the Performance of the Advanced Encryption Standard Block Cipher Modes of Operation (2016)
Indian Journal of Science and Technology
Abdelrahman Altigani , Muawia Abdelmagid , Bazara Barry
Differential subordinations and superordinations for generalized bessel functions (2016)
Bulletin of the Korean Mathematical Society
Huda A. Al-Kharsani, Arpad Baricz, and Kottakkaran S. Nisar
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