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Smoking cessation practices of dental care providers in Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia (2011)
A. E. Subaie, M. M. Nasser, A. A. Qussair, A. A. Ali and B. A. Al Jandan
Antimicrobial effect of Anacardium occidentale leaf extract against pathogens causing periodontal disease (2013)
Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology
Jothi Varghese, Vijay Kumar Tumkur, Vasudev Ballal, Giliyar Subraya Bhat
Dental caries (2013)
Saudi Medical Journal
Soban Q. Khan, Nazeer B. Khan, Aws S. ArRejaie
Patients’ Attitude Towards Clinical Care at Academic Institutions (2013)
International Journal of Integrative Medicine
Aws Saleh ArRejaie, and Soban Qadir Khan
Stress and periodontal disease (2013)
Industrial Psychiatry Journal
Sachin Goyal, Garima Gupta, Betsy Thomas, K M Bhat, G S Bhat
Students' Opinions and Attitudes After Performing a Dental OSCE for the First Time (2013)
Journal of Dental Education
Mohammad Hammad, Yara Oweis, Sahar Taha, Susan Hattar, Ahmad Madarati and Fouad Kadim
Dental caries in Arab League countries (2014)
International Dental Journal
Soban Qadir Khan
Patients' perception toward various dental treatments provided in the internship program (2014)
Saudi Medical Journal
Aws S. ArRejaie, Amal M. Nawasrah, Soban Q. Khan, Faraz A. Farooqi, Roqaiyh Somali, Wejoud F. Al-Mudani
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