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Vascular changes in human leishmaniasis (1986)
Annals of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology
B. Veress and A. M. El Hassan
Validity study of the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale among a group of Saudi patients (1987)
British Journal of Psychiatry
O.E.F.A. El-Rufaie , Gamil Absood
Variability of sickle cell disease in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia (1989)
Journal of Pediatrics
Voluntary usage of seatbelts in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia (1992)
Saudi Medical Journal
S. Shawan, A. Al-Arfaj, M. Hegazi, I. Al-Habdan and L. Wosornu
Volatile Substance Abuse Among School Students of Eastern Saudi Arabia (1993)
Annals of Saudi Medicine
Khalid Al-Umran, Osama Mohamed Mahgoub, Nabil Yassin Qurashi,
Variations in mineral ion composition of some succulent Halophytes in the Eastern Coastal Province of Saudi Arabia (1995)
The Desert Institute Bulletin
Yossria M. Abo Sitta and Wafa A. Al-Taisan
Value engineering in public construction projects in Saudi Arabia (1996)
Building Research and Information
Assaf S, AlMusallami AI, AlSughaiyer M
Validity of self-reporting questionnaire and rahim anxiety depression scale (1999)
Saudi Medical Journal
Ali M. Al-Arabi, Sheikh I. Rahim, Adnan A. Al-Bar, Ahmed A. Karim
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