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Organisational empowerment and speaking up against unsafe practice: The case for newly qualified nurses in Saudi Arabia (2020)
British Journal of Healthcare Management
Mansour Mansour, Maha Al-Madani, Abdelrahman Al-Anati and Aysar Jamama
Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Resonant Leadership, Analyzing Mediation Effect of Employee Resilience in Saudi Arabian Companies (2020)
Sardar Zafar Iqbal, Albandary Mohammed Alamer, Hina Gull, Wiem Abdalmonem Bin Khalefa
On the analysis and prediction of elastic properties in alkali Na2O–B2O3–V2O5 glasses under the substitution of V2O5 by Na2O‏ (2019)
European Journal of Glass Science and Technology. Part B, Physics and Chemistry of Glasses
Amin Abd El-Moneim and Hassan Y. Alfifi
Optical coherence tomography patterns of diabetic macular edema in a Saudi population (2019)
Sanaa A. Yassin, Saud M. ALjohani, Arwa Z. Alromaih and Abdulaziz A. Alrushood
Optimal pseudo-Average Order Kinetic Model for Correlating the Removal of Nickel Ions by Adsorption on Nanobentonite (2019)
Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering (2011 to date)
Fadi Alakhras, Noureddine Ouerfelli, Ghassab Al-Mazaideh, Taher Ababneh, Eman Al-Abbad and Fatma Abouzeid
Optimum information embedding in digital watermarking (2019)
Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems
Atta Rahman
Oxindole-based chalcones: synthesis and their activity against glycation of proteins (2019)
Medicinal Chemistry Research
Khan M.Z., Akram A., Al-Harrasi A., Jan A.K., Khan A., Khan A., Farooq U., Taha M., Shah S.A.A., Halim S.A.
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