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An evaluation of physical model-making as a teaching method in the architectural design studio – A case study at Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University (2021)
Ain Shams Engineering Journal
Hazem M. Nour Afify, Mohammed A. M. Alhefnawi, Mohamad J. Istanbouli, Aymen H. Alsayed, and Zeinab A. Abd ElGhaffar Elmoghazy
Assessment of Significant Factors Affecting Frequent Lane-Changing Related to Road Safety: An Integrated Approach of the AHP-BWM Model (2021)
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Danish Farooq, Sarbast Moslem, Arshad Jamal, Farhan Muhammad Butt, Yahya Almarhabi, Rana Faisal Tufail and Meshal Almoshaogeh
Influence of seat belt use behavior and road traffic crash experience on the use of child restraint systems: A step further (2021)
Journal of King Saud University - Engineering Sciences
Farhan Muhammad Butt, M. A. Dalhat, Khurram Shahid Minhas, and Abdulhamid Al-mojil
Metaheuristics for Traffic Control and Optimization: Current Challenges and Prospects (2021)
Arshad Jamal, Hassan M. Al-Ahmadi, Farhan Muhammad Butt, Mudassir Iqbal, Meshal Almoshaogeh and Sajid Ali
Bibliometric analysis of road traffic injuries research in the Gulf Cooperation Council region (2020)
Farhan Muhammad Butt, Murtaza Ashiq, Shafiq Ur Rehman, Khurram Shahid Minhas, and Muhammad Ajmal Khan
Building Information Modelling (BIM) in Managing Construction Claims: Now and Beyond – A Review (Jordan Perspective) (2020)
International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering
Altayeb Qasem, Areej Hamad Mahmoud Hamad, Emhaidy S. Gharaibeh, Tareq M. Abu-khait and Mutaz Falah Gharaibeh
Fostering Urban Sustainability through the Ecological Wisdom of Traditional Settlements (2020)
Sustainability (Switzerland)
Naji Akbar, Ismaila Rimi Abubakar, and Adel Saleh Bouregh
Patterns: The Crime that has Become the Haven in Architectural Practice (2020)
Ain Shams Engineering Journal
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