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Jahn-Teller Distortions and Infield Superconductivity of CuTl-1223 Phase (2020)
Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism
M. Mumtaz, Tanzeel-ul-Rehman, M. Waqee-ur-Rehman, Y. Slimani and Nawazish A. Khan
Jervell and Lange-Nielsen syndrome in a father and daughter from a large highly inbred family (2013)
Cardiology in the Young
Shyamal Kumar Sanyal, Kanwar K. Kaul, Akhtar Hussein, Robert S. Wilroy, Kisan Agarwal and Saira Sohel
Jet Ski perineal injury (2013)
Saudi Journal of Sports Medicine
Hanan Bousbait, Yasser Al-Jehani, Hazem Zakaria, Hessa Albuainain
Job satisfaction of nurses in a Saudi Arabian university teaching hospital (2012)
International Nursing Review
AL-Dossary R, Vail J, Macfarlane F
Job Satisfaction Among the Academic Staff of a Saudi University (2009)
Journal of Family and Community Medicine
Abdullah M. Al-Rubaish, Sheikh Idris A. Rahim, Mahdi S. Abumadini, MD, Lade Wosornu
Jacobi polynomials used to approximately invert the Laplace transform (2005)
Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering (Before 2011 - Print only)
Abdulaziz Al-Shuaibi, Fatimah Al-Rawajih
Jacobi polynomials used to invert the Laplace transform (2004)
Analysis in Theory and Applications
A. Al-Shuaibi, F. Al-Rawjih
Jeddah urban growth and development process (2002)
المجلة العلمية لجامعة الملك فيصل: العلوم الاساسية والتطبيقية = The Scientific Journal of King Faisal University: Basic and Applied Sciences
Mohammed Sani Abdu, Jamaluddin Yousef Salagoor and Fahad An-Nwisser Al-Harigi
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