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Development of Student Survey on Writing Nursing Care Plan: An exploratory sequential mixed-methods study (2020)
Journal of Nursing Management
Salvador D, Alqahtani F, SAUCE B, ALVAREZ M, BALANAG ROSARIO A, Reyes L, Mohamed E, Amen Awadh L, Sanchez K, Alzaid M, AGMAN D, Pacatang M
Nurses' perceptions of patient safety in psychiatric wards (2019)
IOSR Journal of Nursing and Health Science
Alshowkan A, Gamal Al-Deen A
Study of Emotional Intelligence among Psychiatric Mental Health Nurses in Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia (2019)
IOSR Journal of Nursing and Health Science
N. Aldossary, A. Alshowkan, A. GamalAldeen and M. Abu Madani
Assessment of Nurses’ Adherence to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Guidelines Regarding Central Line Care for Children with Cancer (2014)
Journal of Education and Practice
Fathiya Omar Al-Somali, LailaYounis Abu-Salem, Samera Al-Afghani, AmaniBabgi
Effect of Frequent Application of Code Blue Training Program on the Performance of Pediatric Nurses (2014)
Journal of American Science
Ghada Saeed AL-Ghamdi, Magda Aly Essawy, Dr. Mohammad Al-Qahtani
Effect of Early Oral Hydration on Post Cesarean Outcomes (2013)
Journal of American Science
Sahar A.Al-Ghareeb, Eman R Ahmad, Haifa A Turki
The Efficacy of Licorice Gargle for Attenuating Postoperative Sore Throat (2013)
American Journal of Research Communication
Mervat Adham Ghaleb, Sumayah Falatah, Fatimah Ahmed Al-Amoudi
Knowledge, attitude and smoking patterns among nursing and laboratory technology students, Dammam, Saudi Arabia (1999)
Journal of Family and Community Medicine
Ahmed M Mandil, Ahmed A Bahnassy, Shadia M Aboul-Azm, Laila A Bashawri
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