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A Case Report of Intraparenchymal Neurocysticercosis in a Postpartum Female in Saudi Arabia (2020)
Saudi Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences
Al-Shamrani F, AlSulaiman A, Shareefi G, Turkistani A
AC Conduction Mechanism in (Cu)x/(CuTl)-1223 Nanoparticles–Superconductor Composites (2020)
Abrar A. Khan, M. Mumtaz, Liaqat Ali, Mubasher, Y. Slimani, M. Nasir Khan and Irfan Qasim
AC-Conduction Mechanism via Dielectric Measurements of (Cr)x/(CuTl)-1223 Nanoparticles-Superconductor Composites (2020)
M. Mumtaz, Liaqat Ali, Mubasher, Ahmed Saleh, Y. Slimani, Irfan Qasim, Mehwish Hassan and Zubair Ahmad
A comparative pulmonary pharmacokinetic study of budesonide using polymeric nanoparticles targeted to the lungs in treatment of asthma (2020)
Artificial Cells, Nanomedicine and Biotechnology
Niyaz Ahmad, Rizwan Ahmad, Mortaja Zaki Almakhamel, Khalid Ansari, Mohd Amir, Wasim Ahmad, Abuzer Ali and Farhan Jalees Ahmad
A Comparison of Different Remifentanil Effect-Site Concentrations to Allow for Early Extubation After Cardiac Surgery (2020)
Journal of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anesthesia
Alaa M. Khidr, Mohamed A. Khalil, Dalia Abdulfattah and Mohamed R. El Tahan
AC susceptibility investigation of YBCO superconductor added by carbon nanotubes (2020)
Journal of Alloys and Compounds
E. Hannachi, M. A. Almessiere, Y. Slimani, A. Baykal and F. Ben Azzouz
Adverse events in Malaysia: Associations with nurse's ethnicity and experience, hospital size, accreditation, and teaching status (2020)
International Journal of Health Planning and Management
Mu'taman Jarrar, Mohammad Al‐Bsheish, Latefa Ali Dardas, Ahmed Meri and Mohd Sobri Minai
A lifelong spam emails classification model (2020)
Applied Computing and Informatics
Rami Mustafa A. Mohammad
Analyzing Consumer Attitude Toward Mobile Payment Technology and Its Role in Booming the E-Commerce Business (2020)
Talent Development and Excellence
Laith T. Khrais and Thana A. Azizi
An effective iris segmentation scheme for noisy images (2020)
Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering
Farmanullah Jan and Nasro Min-Allah
An Investigation of Healthcare Worker Perception of Their Workplace Safety and Incidence of Injury (2020)
Duaa Aljabri, Andrew Vaughn, Matthew Austin, Launia White, Zhuo Li, James Naessens and Aaron Spaulding
A Novel Strategy for the Synthesis of Hard Carbon Spheres Encapsulated with Graphene Networks as a Low-Cost and Large-Scalable Anode Material for Fast Sodium Storage with an Ultralong Cycle Life (2020)
Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers
Ghulam Yasin, Muhammad Arif, Tahira Mehtab, Muhammad Shakeel, Muhammad Asim Mushtaq, Anuj Kumar, Tuan Anh Nguyen, YASSINE Slimani, M. Tariq Nazir and Huaihe Song
Anticandidal and In vitro Anti-Proliferative Activity of Sonochemically synthesized Indium Tin Oxide Nanoparticles (2020)
Suriya Rehman, Sarah Mousa Asiri, Firdos Alam Khan, B. Rabindran Jermy, Vijaya Ravinayagam, Zainab Alsalem, Reem Al Jindan and Ahsanulhaq Qurashi
Antimicrobial efficacy of indocyanine green-mediated photodynamic therapy compared with Salvadora persica gel application in the treatment of moderate and deep pockets in periodontitis (2020)
Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy
Fayez Hussain Niazi, Mohammed Noushad, Syed Bilal Tanvir, Saqib Ali, Khalifa S. Al-Khalifa, Zeeshan Qamar and Rasha Al-Sheikh
Antimicrobial resistance, mechanisms and its clinical significance (2020)
Manar Ali Abushaheen, Muzaheed, Amal Jamil Fatani, Mohammed Alosaimi, Wael Mansy, Merin George, Sadananda Acharya, Sanjay Rathod, Darshan Devang Divakar, Chitra Jhugroo, Sajith Vellappally, Aftab Ahmed Khan, Jilani Shaik and Poojdev Jhugroo
A Query Matching Approach for Object Relational Databases Over Semantic Cache (2020)
Hafiz Muhammad Faisal, Muhammad Ali Tariq, Atta-ur -Rahman, Anas Alghamdi and Nawaf Alowain
Assessment of efficacy of Oseltamivir-Azithromycin combination therapy in prevention of Influenza-A (H1N1)pdm09 infection complications and rapidity of symptoms relief (2020)
Expert Review of Respiratory Medicine
Azfar Athar Ishaqui, Amer Hayat Khan, Syed Azhar Syed Sulaiman, Muhammad Taher Alsultan, Irfanullah Khan and Atta Abbas Naqvi
Assessment of Learning Curve in Phacoemulsification Surgery Among the Eastern Province Ophthalmology Program Residents (2020)
Mohanna Al-Jindan, Abdullah Almarshood, Sanaa A Yassin, Khalid Alarfaj, Ammar Al Mahmood and Naif M. Sulaimani
Assessment on CPR Knowledge and AED Availability in Saudi Malls by Security Personnel: Public Safety Perspective (2020)
Samer A. AlHaliq, Omar M. Khraisat, Mohamed A. Kandil, Mohammed A. AlJumaan, Faris M. Alotaibi, Fahad S. Alsaqabi, Hussain M. Alajmi, Hany A. Ellouly, Mahmoud A. Al-Haliq, Abdullah Alkhawaldeh, Mohammed ALBashtawy and Sawsan H. Abuhammad
Association between chocolate consumption frequency and heart rate variability indices (2020)
Explore (New York, N.Y.)
Rabia Latif and Farrukh Majeed
A study on the spectral, microstructural, and magnetic properties of Eu–Nd double-substituted Ba0.5Sr0.5Fe12O19 hexaferrites synthesized by an ultrasonic-assisted approach (2020)
Ultrasonics Sonochemistry
M. A. Almessiere, Y. Slimani, A. Demir Korkmaz, A. Baykal, H. Albetran, Tawfik A. Saleh, M. Sertkol and I. Ercan
A Study to Compare the Effectiveness of Passive Stretching Versus Massage on Symptoms of Doms in Normal Adults (2020)
International Journal of Scientific and Technology Research
DOSS C, Sadath S, Palanivel R, Sakthivel M
A tool to assess the quality perception of healthcare employees (2020)
International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance
Ajayan Kamalasanan, Gurumoorthy Sathiyamurthi and Arun Vijay Subbarayalu
A Wild Fomes fomentarius for Biomediation of One Pot Synthesis of Titanium Oxide and Silver Nanoparticles for Antibacterial and Anticancer Application (2020)
Suriya Rehman, Romana Farooq, Rabindran Jermy, Sarah Mousa Asiri, Vijaya Ravinayagam, Reem Al Jindan, Zainab Alsalem, Manzoor A. Shah, Zafar Reshi, Hussein Sabit and Firdos Alam Khan
Bedside testing of CYP2C19 gene for treatment of patients with PCI with antiplatelet therapy (2020)
Abdullah M. Al-Rubaish, Fahad A. Al-Muhanna, Abdullah M. Alshehri, Mohammed A. Al-Mansori, Rudaynah A. Alali, Rania M. Khalil, Khalid A. Al Faraidy, Cyril Cyrus, Mohammed M. Sulieman, Chittibabu Vatte, Daniel M. F. Claassens, Jurriën M. ten Berg, Folkert W. Asselbergs & Amein K. Al-Ali
Bedside testing of CYP2C19 gene for treatment of patients with PCI with antiplatelet therapy. (2020)
Al-Rubaish, Al-Muhanna, Alshehri, Al-Mansori, Alali, Khalil, Al Faraidy, Cyrus, Sulieman, Vatte, Claassens, Ten Berg, Asselbergs, Al-Ali
Bilateral Ectopic Eruption of a Maxillary Third Molar Tooth from the Infratemporal Surface of the Maxilla in a Dry Human Skull (2020)
International Journal of Applied and Basic Medical Research
Syed Rehan Hafiz Daimi
Biotechnology Fundamentals (2020)
Firdos Alam Khan
Box–Behnken supported development and validation of robust HPTLC method: an application in estimation of punarnavine in leaf, stem, and their callus of Boerhavia diffusa Linn (2020)
Wasim Ahmad, Ibraheem Husain, Niyaz Ahmad, Mohd Amir, Md. Sarafroz, Mohammad Azam Ansari, Ameeduz Zafar, Abuzer Ali, Rasheeduz Zafar and Kamran Ashraf
Burnout and Coping Methods among Emergency Medical Services Professionals (2020)
Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare
Mohammed Nasser ALmutairi and Azza Ali El.Mahalli
Candida auris as an overlooked menace in the era of COVID-19 pandemic (2020)
Zeeshan Fatima, Suriya Rehman, and Saif Hameed
Central composite design expert-supported development and validation of HPTLC method: Relevance in quantitative evaluation of protopine in Fumaria indica (2020)
Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal
Ajaz Ahmad, Mohd Amir, Abdulrahman A. Alshadidi, Muhammad Delwar Hussain, Anzarul Haq and Mohsin Kazi
Chicken Feather fiber modified hot mix asphalt concrete: Rutting performance, durability, mechanical and volumetric properties (2020)
Construction and Building Materials
M. A. Dalhat, S. A. Osman, Abdul-Aziz A. Alhuraish, Faisal K. Almarshad, Sultan A. Qarwan and Akeem Y. Adesina
Cladribine Tablets and Relapsing–Remitting Multiple Sclerosis: A Pragmatic, Narrative Review of What Physicians Need to Know (2020)
Neurology and Therapy
Mohamed AlJumah, Mona Marwan Alkhawaja, Shireen Qureshi, Ibtisam Al-Thubaiti, Omar Ayoub, Saeed A. Bohlega, Areej Bushnag, Edward Cupler, Abdulkader Daif, Ahmed El Boghdady, Ahmed Hassan, Yaser Al Malik, Jameelah Saeedi, Fawzia Al-Shamrany, Eslam Shosha and Peter Rieckmann
Co-inheritance of alpha globin gene deletion lowering serum iron level in female beta thalassemia patients (2020)
Sayed AbdulAzeez, Noor B. Almandil, Zaki A. Naserullah, Sana Al‑Jarrash, Ahmed M. Al‑Suliman, Huda I. ElFakharay and J. Francis Borgio
Comparative Adsorption of Anionic Dyes (Eriochrome Black T and Congo Red) onto Jojoba Residues: Isotherm, Kinetics and Thermodynamic Studies (2020)
Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering (2011 to date)
Habis Al-Zoubi, Mukarram Zubair, Mohammad Saood Manzar, Abdullah A. Manda, Nawaf I. Blaisi, Aleem Qureshi and Abdelaziz Matani
Comparative Effect of Glass Fiber and Nano-Filler Addition on Denture Repair Strength (2020)
Tahani H. Abushowmi, Zahra A. AlZaher, Danah F. Almaskin, Masoumah S. Qaw, Reem Abualsaud, Sultan Akhtar, Ahmad M. Al‐Thobity, Fahad A. Al‐Harbi, Mohammed M. Gad and Nadim Z. Baba
Comparative evaluation of two chelating agents in collagen fiber network modification over dentinal tubules: An in vitro analysis (2020)
Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal
Abdul Samad Khan, Imran Farooq, Saqib Ali, Soban Qadir Khan and Abbas Saeed Hakeem
Comparative performance study of ZnCl2 and NaOH sludge based activated carbon for simultaneous aqueous uptake of phenolic compounds (2020)
International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry
Musiliu A. Liadi, Nuhu Dalhat Mu’azu, Nabeel Jarrah, Mukarram Zubair, Omar Alagha, Mamdouh A. Al-Harthi and Mohammed H. Essa
Comparative residual effect of activated carbon and other organic amendments on immobilization and phytoavailability nickel and other metals to Egyptian Clover (Trifolium alexandrinum) in contaminated soil (2020)
International Journal of Phytoremediation
Muhammad Sabir, Muhammad Zia-Ur-Rehman, Tariq Aziz, Hamaad Raza Ahmad, Saifullah and Ejaz Ahmad Waraich
Comparative study of sonochemically synthesized Co-Zr and Ni-Zr substituted Sr-hexaferrites: Magnetic and structural investigations (2020)
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
M. A. Almessiere, Y. Slimani, A. Demir Korkmaz, S. Güner, A. A. Maarouf and A. Baykal
Comparative study of thermal fluctuation induced conductivity in YBa2Cu3O7-d containing Nano-Zn0.95Mn0.05O and Nano-Al2O3 particles (2020)
Solid State Sciences
E. Hannachi, Y. Slimani, F. O. Al-qwairi, M. A. Almessiere and F. Ben Azzouz
Comparing public and private hospitals’ service quality (2020)
Journal of Public Health
Alumran A, Almutawa H, Alzain Z, THUMAIRI A, Khalid N
Comprehensive in silico screening and molecular dynamics studies of missense mutations in Sjogren-Larsson syndrome associated with the ALDH3A2 gene (2020)
S. Udhaya Kumar, D. Thirumal Kumar, Pinky D. Mandal, Srivarshini Sankar, Rishin Haldar, Balu Kamaraj, Charles Emmanuel Jebaraj Walter, R. Siva, C.George Priya Doss and Hatem Zayed
Concomitant bilateral elastofibroma in the infrascapular and gluteal regions: a report of a rare case (2020)
BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders
Omran Al Dandan, Ali Hassan, Mona Al Muhaish, Jumanah AlMatrouk, Haidar Almuhanna and Tarek Hegazi
Construction of symmetric supercapacitors using anhydrous electrolytes containing heterocyclic oligomeric structures (2020)
Emre Cevik, Seyda Tugba Gunday, Ismail Anil, Omar Alagha and Ayhan Bozkurt
Construction of well-designed 1D selenium–tellurium nanorods anchored on graphene sheets as a high storage capacity anode material for lithium-ion batteries (2020)
Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers
Sadeeq Ullah, Ghulam Yasin, Aftab Ahmad, Lei Qin, Qipeng Yuan, Arif Ullah Khan, Usman Ali Khan, Aziz Ur Rahman and Yassine Slimani
Correlation between entropy state, crystal structure, magnetic and electrical properties in M-type Ba-hexaferrites (2020)
Journal of the European Ceramic Society
D. A. Vinnik, A. V. Trukhanov, F. V. Podgornov, E. A. Trofimov, V. E. Zhivulin, A. Yu. Starikov, O. V. Zaitseva, S. A. Gudkova, A. A. Kirsanova, S. V. Taskaev, D. A. Uchaev, S. V. Trukhanov, M. A. Almessiere, Y. Slimani and A. Baykal
Correlation between microstructure parameters and anti-cancer activity of the [Mn0.5Zn0.5](EuxNdxFe2-2x)O4 nanoferrites produced by modified sol-gel and ultrasonic methods (2020)
Ceramics International
M. A. Almessiere, A. V. Trukhanov, F. A. Khan, Y. Slimani, N. Tashkandi, V. A. Turchenko, T. I. Zubar, D. I. Tishkevich, S. V. Trukhanov, L. V. Panina and A. Baykal
Co-substitution of zirconium and neodymium on hyperfine interactions and AC susceptibility of SrFe12O19 nanohexaferrites (2020)
Journal of Rare Earths
M. A. Almessiere, Y. Slimani, H. Güngüneş and A. Baykal
COx-free hydrogen generation via decomposition of ammonia over al, Ti and Zr−Laponite supported MoS2 catalysts (2020)
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy
P. Santhana Krishnan, M. Neelaveni, P. Tamizhdurai, M. Mythily, S. Krishna Mohan, V. L. Mangesh and K. Shanthi
Curcuma longa ethanol extract and Curcumin inhibit the growth of Acanthamoeba triangularis trophozoites and cysts isolated from water reservoirs at Walailak University,Thailand (2020)
Watcharapong Mitsuwan , Chooseel Bunsuwansakul , Theodore Ebenezer Leonard, Sawanya Laohaprapanon, Kruawan Hounkong , Kingkan Bunluepuech , Chalermpon Kaewjai, Tooba Mahboob , Chandramathi Sumudi Raju , Mahaveer Dhobi , Maria de Lourdes Pereira , Muhammad Nawaz, Christophe Wiart, Abolghasem Siyadatpanah, Roghayeh Norouzi and Veeranoot Nissapatorn
Current Scenario of COVID-19 in Pediatric Age Group and Physiology of Immune and Thymus response. (2020)
Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Rehman S, Majeed T, Ansari MA, Ali U, Sabit H, Al-Suhaimi EA.
Deployment of real-time systems in the cloud environment (2020)
Journal of Supercomputing
Nasro Min-Allah, Muhammad Bilal Qureshi, Farmanullah Jan, Saleh Alrashed and Javid Taheri
Determining the effectiveness of a cell phone-based student response system (2020)
Journal of Taibah University Medical Sciences
Alsunni D, Aamir Hussain R
Development of an Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) Framework for Small Group Facilitators through a Participatory Design Approach (2020)
Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, Karen D. Könings, Mohamed Al-Eraky, Mona Hmoud AlSheikh and Jeroen J. G. van Merrienboer
Development of non-destructive testing method to evaluate the bond quality of reinforced concrete beam (2020)
Structural Engineering and Mechanics
Development of Student Survey on Writing Nursing Care Plan: An exploratory sequential mixed-methods study (2020)
Journal of Nursing Management
Salvador D, Alqahtani F, SAUCE B, ALVAREZ M, BALANAG ROSARIO A, Reyes L, Mohamed E, Amen Awadh L, Sanchez K, Alzaid M, AGMAN D, Pacatang M
Digital Eye Strain Among Radiologists: A Survey-based Cross-sectional Study (2020)
Al Dandan O, AlSaif H, Alshammari M, Al-Arfaj K
Dimensionality and superconducting parameters of YBa2Cu3O7−d/(WO3 NPs)x composites deduced from excess conductivity analysis (2020)
Materials Chemistry and Physics
M. A. Almessiere, E. Hannachi, Y. Slimani, Ghulam Yasin, M. Mumtaz, M. R. Koblischka, A. Koblischka-Veneva, A. Manikandan and A. Baykal
Direct electricity production from Microalgae Choricystis sp. and investigation of the boron to enhance the electrogenic activity (2020)
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy
Emre Cevik, Huseyin Tombuloglu, Ismail Anıl, Mehmet Senel, Hussein Sabit, Sayed AbdulAzeez, J Francis Borgio and Mohammad Barghouthi
Discovery of Frequent Patterns of Episodes Within a Time Window for Alarm Management Systems (2020)
IEEE Access
Adel Hidri, Ahmed Selmi and Minyar Sassi Hidri
Discrete energy behavior of a damped Timoshenko system (2020)
Computational and Applied Mathematics
Chebbi Sabrine and Hamouda Makram
Doctors' perceptions, expectations and experience regarding the role of pharmacist in hospital settings of Pakistan (2020)
International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy
Nabeel Khan, Ken McGarry, Atta Abbas Naqvi and Keith Holden
Doxorubicin loaded on chitosan-protamine nanoparticles triggers apoptosis via downregulating Bcl-2 in breast cancer cells (2020)
Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology
Mohamed A. Abdel-Hakeem, Omnia M. Abdel-Haseb, Shaimaa E. Abdel-Ghany, Emre Cevik and Hussein Sabit
Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research
Effect of Protective Coating on Surface Properties and Candida albicans Adhesion to Denture Base Materials (2020)
Mohammed Ali AlBin‐Ameer, Mahdi Y Alsrheed, Ibrahim A Aldukhi, Asif Matin, Soban Q Khan, Reem Abualsaud and Mohammed M Gad
Effect of quantum dots and clove extract on the proliferation of colon cancer cells (2020)
Saudi Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences
Esra Nadeer Alobaid, Firdos Alam Khan and Adeeb Shehzad Muhammad Siar
Effect of thulium substitution on conductivity and dielectric belongings of nanospinel cobalt ferrite (2020)
Journal of Rare Earths
B. Ünal, M. Almessiere, A. Demir Korkmaz, Y. Slimani and A. Baykal
Effects of Low Impact Aerobic Exercise in COPD (2020)
Biomedical and Pharmacology Journal
U. Ganapathy Sankar, R. Monisha, Christopher Amalraj Vallaba Doss and R. M. Palanivel
Effects of Turmeric on Cardiovascular Risk factors, Mental Health and Serum Homocysteine in Overweight, Obese Females (2020)
Rabia Latif
Sadaf Mumtaz
Mona Hmoud AlSheikh
Shahanas Chathoth
Shaykhah Nasser AlNaimi
Effects of Zamzam Water on Glycemic Status, Lipid Profile, Redox Homeostasis, and Body Composition in Rats (2020)
Journal of Taibah University Medical Sciences
ALJUWAIE G, Aamir Hussain R, Al-Sheikh M, Alsunni D, CHATHOTH S
Efficacy of breathing retraining program on bedside assessment of pulmonary function (2020)
International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences
Ganapathy Sankar U., Monisha R., Christopher Amalraj Vallaba Doss and Palanivel R. M.
Efficient biosynthesis of CuO nanoparticles with potential cytotoxic activity (2020)
Chemical Papers = Chemické zvesti
MAHMOUD N, Mohamed H, Ahmed S, Akhtar S
Enhanced query processing over semantic cache for cloud based relational databases (2020)
Munir Ahmad, Muhammad Abdul Qadir, Atta Rahman, Rachid Zagrouba, Fahd Alhaidari, Tariq Ali and Farzana Zahid
Enhancement on the exchange coupling behavior of SrCo0.02Zr0.02Fe11.96O19/MFe2O4 (M=Co, Ni, Cu, Mn and Zn) as hard/soft magnetic nanocomposites (2020)
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
N. A. Algarou, Y. Slimani, M. A. Almessiere, A. Baykal, S. Guner, A. Manikandan and I. Ercan
Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research
Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research
Evaluation of arising exposure of ionizing radiation from computed tomography and the associated health concerns (2020)
Journal of Radiation Research and Applied Sciences
Abuelhia E, ALGHAMDI A
Evaluation of bioactivities of zinc oxide, cadmium sulfide and cadmium
sulfide loaded zinc oxide nanostructured materials prepared by nanosecond
pulsed laser
Materials Science and Engineering: C, Materials for biological applications
Sultan Akhtar, Suriya Rehman, Sarah Mousa Asiri, Firdos Alam Khan, Umair Baig. Abbas Saeed Hakeeme, M.A. Gondal
Evaluation of bioactivities of zinc oxide, cadmium sulfide and cadmium sulfide loaded zinc oxide nanostructured materials prepared by nanosecond pulsed laser. (2020)
Materials Science and Engineering: C, Materials for biological applications
Akhtar S, Rehman S, Asiri SM, Khan FA, Baig U, Hakeem AS, Gondal MA.
Evaluation of hematinics property of Punica granatum against 2-Butoxy ethanol induced haemolytic effect in Wistar rats (2020)
Saudi Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences
SALAHUDDIN M, AlMousa N, Alhawaj H
Evaluation of palliative care knowledge among health care students-A pilot study (2020)
International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences
Ganapathy Sankar U., Monisha R., Christopher Amalraj Vallaba Doss and Palanivel R. M.
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