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Haematobium Schistosomiasis Prevalence Among School Age Children In Irrigated Schemes At Shendi Locality, River Nile State, Sudan: Implication of Behavior and Risk Factors (2020)
Majmaah Journal of Health Sciences
Eltigani O. M. Omer, Arafat M. Goja, Kawther I. A. Elhaj and Omayia M. A. Gadalrap
Heat Stress among Steel Workers in Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia (2020)
Journal of Ecophysiology and Occupational Health
Nofal Falah Alshammary, Khaled F. Salama and Mubashir Zafar
High prevalence of aflatoxin B1 in Aspergillus flavus infecting stored rice grains (2020)
Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology
M. B. S. Al-Shuhaib, A. H. Albakri, H. O. Hashim, S. L. Alwan, N. B. Almandil, P. Selvaraj, R. Jermy, S. Abdul Azeez and J. Francis Borgio
Hospital based serological evidence of rickettsial diseases and assessment diagnostic tests of pyrexia of unknown origin (2020)
Tropical Doctor
Muzaheed, Amal J. Fatani, Darshan D. Divakar, Sanjay Rathod and Mustafa S. Aloahd
Host-guest complex of β-cyclodextrin and pluronic F127 with Luteolin: Physicochemical characterization, anti-oxidant activity and molecular modeling studies (2020)
Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology
Sultan Alshehri, Syed Sarim Imam, Mohammad Altamimi, Mohammed Jafar, Mohd Zaheen Hassan, Afzal Hussain, Abdul Ahad and Wael Mahdi (2020)
Sardar Zafar Iqbal, Dania Huzam, Norah Aleliwi, Asma Alabdulkareem, Shikah Alalyani, Shaikha Alfaris, Hina Gull
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