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Pectin co-functionalized dual layered solid lipid nanoparticle made by soluble curcumin for the targeted potential treatment of colorectal cancer (2021)
Carbohydrate Polymers
J. Muthu Mohamed, Ali Alqahtani, Fazil Ahmad, V. Krishnaraju and K. Kalpana
Periodontal Ligament (2021)
Saqlain Gilani, Imran Farooq, Saqib Ali, and Syed Ali Khurram
Perovskite’s potential functionality in a composite structure (2021)
A. Manikandan, Yassine Slimani, A. Dinesh, Anish Khan, K. Thanrasu, A. Baykal, S. K. Jaganathan, Hurija Dzudzevic-Cancar and Abdullah M. Asiri
Pet trade and the introduction of endemic species: the case of the Arabian Serin Crithagra rothschildi Ogilvie-Grant, 1902 (2021)
BioInvasions Records
Mohammed Alshamlih, Mohammed Alzayer, Luís Reino, and Faisal Hajwal
Pharmacy students’ knowledge and practices concerning the storing and disposal of household medication in Saudi Arabia (2021)
Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning
Farah Kais Alhomoud, Yara Alsadiq, Laila Alghalawin, Abdullah Alhifany and Faten Alhomoud
Phytoconstituent-Based Nanotherapeutics as Ocular Delivery Systems (2021)
Mohammed Jafar, Syed Sarim Imam, and Syed Azizullah Ghori
Polyhydroxybutyrate production from ultrasound-aided alkaline pretreated finger millet straw using Bacillus megaterium strain CAM12 (2021)
Bioresource Technology
Sivagnanam Silambarasan, Peter Logeswari, Ramachandran Sivaramakrishnan, Arivalagan Pugazhendhi, Balu Kamaraj, Antonieta Ruiz, Govindarajan Ramadoss, and Pablo Cornejo
Polymorphic Variants in 5′-UTR Regions of the RAD51 Gene are Associated With RAD51 Expression and Triple-Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC): A Case-Control Study (2021)
Applied Immunohistochemistry and Molecular Morphology
Mohammad Al Hamad, Haitham Kussaibi, Khaled R. Alkharsah, Ahmed Alsayyah, Mohammed El Shawarby, Dalal Al Tamimi, Munther Alomari, Hamid A. Bakshi, Murtaza M. Tambuwala, and Mazhar S. Al Zoubi
Polysubstituted High-Entropy [LaNd](Cr0.2Mn0.2Fe0.2Co0.2Ni0.2)O3 Perovskites: Correlation of the Electrical and Magnetic Properties (2021)
Vladimir E. Zhivulin, Evgeniy A. Trofimov, Svetlana A. Gudkova, Igor Yu. Pashkeev, Alexander Yu. Punda, Maksim Gavrilyak, Olga V. Zaitseva, Sergey V. Taskaev, Fedor V. Podgornov, Moustafa A. Darwish, Munirah A. Almessiere, Yassine Slimani, Abdulhadi Baykal, Sergei V. Trukhanov, Alex V. Trukhanov, and Denis A. Vinnik
Pomegranate juice rescues developmental, neurobehavioral and biochemical disorders in aluminum chloride-treated male mice (2021)
Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology
Gasem Mohammad Abu-Taweel and Mohsen Ghaleb Al-Mutary
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