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A Case Report of Intraparenchymal Neurocysticercosis in a Postpartum Female in Saudi Arabia (2020)
Saudi Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences
Al-Shamrani F, AlSulaiman A, Shareefi G, Turkistani A
AC Conduction Mechanism in (Cu)x/(CuTl)-1223 Nanoparticles–Superconductor Composites (2020)
Abrar A. Khan, M. Mumtaz, Liaqat Ali, Mubasher, Y. Slimani, M. Nasir Khan and Irfan Qasim
AC-Conduction Mechanism via Dielectric Measurements of (Cr)x/(CuTl)-1223 Nanoparticles-Superconductor Composites (2020)
M. Mumtaz, Liaqat Ali, Mubasher, Ahmed Saleh, Y. Slimani, Irfan Qasim, Mehwish Hassan and Zubair Ahmad
A comparative pulmonary pharmacokinetic study of budesonide using polymeric nanoparticles targeted to the lungs in treatment of asthma (2020)
Artificial Cells, Nanomedicine and Biotechnology
Niyaz Ahmad, Rizwan Ahmad, Mortaja Zaki Almakhamel, Khalid Ansari, Mohd Amir, Wasim Ahmad, Abuzer Ali and Farhan Jalees Ahmad
A Comparison of Different Remifentanil Effect-Site Concentrations to Allow for Early Extubation After Cardiac Surgery (2020)
Journal of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anesthesia
Alaa M. Khidr, Mohamed A. Khalil, Dalia Abdulfattah and Mohamed R. El Tahan
AC susceptibility investigation of YBCO superconductor added by carbon nanotubes (2020)
Journal of Alloys and Compounds
E. Hannachi, M. A. Almessiere, Y. Slimani, A. Baykal and F. Ben Azzouz
Adverse events in Malaysia: Associations with nurse's ethnicity and experience, hospital size, accreditation, and teaching status (2020)
International Journal of Health Planning and Management
Mu'taman Jarrar, Mohammad Al‐Bsheish, Latefa Ali Dardas, Ahmed Meri and Mohd Sobri Minai
A lifelong spam emails classification model (2020)
Applied Computing and Informatics
Rami Mustafa A. Mohammad
Analyzing Consumer Attitude Toward Mobile Payment Technology and Its Role in Booming the E-Commerce Business (2020)
Talent Development and Excellence
Laith T. Khrais and Thana A. Azizi
An effective iris segmentation scheme for noisy images (2020)
Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering
Farmanullah Jan and Nasro Min-Allah
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