Rabindran Jermy Balasamy د. رابيندران جيرمي بلاسمي

Email: rjermy@iau.edu.sa

Nationality: Indian
Gender: Male
Academic Rank:
General Major: Chemistry
Specific Major: Nano technology
Researcher ID:

Work Experience
Faculty, Department of Nano Medicine (Institute for Research and Medical Consultations)
Institutional Fund of MOE (Institutional Fund of MOE)

Research Interest
 Nanomaterial engineering
 Synthesis/modification/characterization of one-dimensional (1D), two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) silica based structured nanomaterials
 Synthesis/modification of graphitized mesoporous carbon
 Pore size engineering of conventional zeolites (ZSM-5, beta, & Mordenite) to hierarchical mesomaterials for larger payload capacities
 Functionalization of nanoporous silica materials such as hexagonal MCM-41, SBA-15, MSU-F (cellular foam), Ultra large pore FDU-12, cubic MCM-48, KIT-6, SBA-16 and graphitized mesoporous carbon using silane chemistry
 Biomedical applications
 drug adsorption and controlled release study for targeted delivery of drugs into the tumor
 improve biocompatibility and therapy efficiency for possible dose reduction
 Study the drug molecular size effect inside the nanosilica based pore channels and graphitized mesoporous carbon

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