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Challenges Faced by the Leadership in Managing Healthcare Quality to Attain Hospital Accreditation: An Indian Perspective

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Publisher: Institute of Research and Journals in Association with IRFER, WRFER & Digital xplore
Place: India
Publication year: 2019
Title of series: International Conference on Business Management and Social Innovation
Number of pages: 5
ISBN: 9789387405196
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Aim: To study the role played by the leaders and the challenges faced by them to build and sustain quality standards in order to attain accreditation of the hospitals in India.

Method: The study is based on exploration of challenges encountered by the leaders to accomplish the quality standards of hospitals in order to meet the target of various national and international accreditation. The research carried out detailed analysis of literature on various challenges faced by the leadership in managing quality to attain hospital accreditation.

Results: The potential challenges are identified as inadequate infrastructural facilities, financial constraints, compliance with all regulatory and professional requirements, insufficient human resources, lack of training, complexities in documentation, and adoption of information technology are identified as the major challenges faced by the healthcare leadership in managing quality & accreditation of Indian Hospitals.

Conclusion: The study enlightens the challenges faced by the leadership on various aspects of quality management to attain accreditation of hospitals in India. The study provides appropriate strategies to be developed and addressed by the leadership for handling the different aspects of quality management in the healthcare settings. Since this study is based on review of literature, further research is warranted to ascertain the effectiveness of suitable measures to overcome these challenges in improving the quality of healthcare.

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