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Mobile Cloud Computing and Its Effectiveness in Business Organizations

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Liste des auteurs: Mohammad Awni Ahmad Mahmoud, Mohammed Abu Elaila Ali Baraka, Mohammed Fahed Ali Tayfour, Abeer Atallah Mohammad Aloudat
Editeur: World Scientific Publishing
Année de publication: 2019
Journal: Journal of Information and Knowledge Management
Numéro du volume: 9
Numéro de publication: 1
Page d'accueil: 20
Dernière page: 28
Nombre de pages: 9
ISSN: 0219-6492
Web of Science ID:
Scopus ID:
eISSN: 1793-6926

E-commerce business organizations aim at achieving the goals and the mission effectively and efficiently so as
to satisfy the diverse interests of the stakeholders. MCC is an ICT concept that enables the organizations to
enhance the performance when serving the important stakeholders, who include customers, staff, managers,
shareholders, and industry regulators. MCC involves the integration of the mobile devices to enable the sharing
of the cloud infrastructure. The integration is done via a network and between the computer devices that operate
remotely. The Internet is the most common network that enables the mobile devices to utilize the data and
information stored in a cloud database. E-commerce businesses prefer the cloud infrastructure because it has a
large data storage capacity and high processing speeds. Also, the cloud service providers invest substantial
financial, human, and technological resources in ensuring the security of the effective management of the data
resources. The main benefit of MCC is that it reduces the businesses expenses. For example, it enables the
companies to offer products and services in the international market via the e-commerce infrastructure. is an example of a Multinational Corporation that is successful in offering high-quality services
and products to customers in different countries using the website and the mobile app applications that are
supported by the cloud infrastructure. 

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