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Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Resonant Leadership, Analyzing Mediation Effect of Employee Resilience in Saudi Arabian Companies

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Author list: Sardar Zafar Iqbal, Albandary Mohammed Alamer, Hina Gull, Wiem Abdalmonem Bin Khalefa
Publication year: 2020
Start page: 16
End page: 21
Number of pages: 6
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Scopus ID: 85097346705

As the concept of organizational behavior has been introduced several years ago, but its standing in achieving competitive advantage for an organization is still of great importance. So, organizations are paying more consideration to positive organizational behavior and its underlying factors that affect organizations. In this paper, we have analyzed the relationship between resonant leadership and organizational behavior and the mediation effect of employee resilience on organizational behavior in companies of Saudi Arabia. This paper is based on a cross-sectional survey in public and private sector organizations in Saudi Arabia. The results suggest that in Saudi Arabian organizations there is a negative relationship between resonant leadership and organizational behavior. On the other hand, they have positive and strong meditation effect of employee resilience.

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