Gene-Environment (G×E) Interactions Influence Human Phenome

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Author list: J. Francis Borgio
Place: College of Science at Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, Dammam
Publication year: 2021
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Genetic ×
Environment (G×E) interactions is an emerging approach, and it influences the
severity of various disorders and diseases. Pathogens, improper diet, physical
and mental abuse, stresses, exposure to toxins, chemicals, and radiation can
cause environmental diseases and they are not hereditary in nature. By
contrast, genetic disorders are hereditary and caused purely by the single base
variation in a gene or a large deletion in the human genome. However, recent
observations have identified the substantial influence of the environmental
factors on differential expression and clinical phenome, control over the
genetic predisposition among the multifactorial diseases. Autism spectrum
disorder is a specific example caused by genetic factors and parallelly its
severity is influenced by environmental risk factors like air pollution, heavy
metal toxicity, electromagnetic radiation, maternal smoking, and alcohol
consumption. Environmental factors can impact the nature of gene-specific
transcription activity and gene expression directly can lead to lack of protein
production or encourage the defective protein synthesis. This lecture
summarises the effects of the network among genes and environmental factors on
developing risk phenotype.  

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