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Comparison of 3D Hip Joint Kinematics in People with Asymptomatic Pronation of the Foot and Non-Pronation Controls

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Liste des auteurs: Fayez Alahmri, Saad Alsaadi, and Mohammed Ahsan
Année de publication: 2021
Lexique des acronymes: MJMS
Numéro du volume: 28
Numéro de publication: 3
Page d'accueil: 77
Dernière page: 85
Nombre de pages: 9
Web of Science ID: 000668568700007
PubMed-ID: 34285646
Scopus ID: 85110549141

Background:  The  impact  of  asymptomatic  pronation  on  proximal  joints  during  motion
has  not  been  well  understood,  and  research  on  it  remains  limited.  Therefore,  the  current  study
determines the effect of asymptomatic pronation of the foot on hip joint kinematics during gait.
Methods: Forty participants were recruited for the study (20 with asymptomatic pronated
feet and 20 with non-pronated feet). Foot assessment was conducted by navicular drop and rear-
foot  angle  tests.  Hip  joint  kinematics  were  measured  via  MVN  Xsens  system  3D-motion  capture
from sagittal, frontal and transverse planes during gait. An independent t-test was used to identify
differences in kinematic variables.
Results:  Both  groups  were  similar  in  characteristics,  and  there  were  no  significant
differences  between  the  groups  in  age  (P  =  0.674)  and  BMI  (P  =  0.459).  However,  there  was  a
significant  differenc e i n arc h heigh t (P  =  0.001)  and  rear-foot  angle  (P  =  0.001).  Our  findings
showed  there  were  insignificant  difference s betwee n th e asymptomati c pronate d foo t an d non-
pronated foot control groups in hip joint kinematics of sagittal (P = 0.618), frontal (P = 0.276), and
transverse (P = 0.337) planes during a full gait cycle.
Conclusion:  Patients  with  asymptomatic  pronation  of  the  foot  and  non-pronation  of  the
foot  showed  similar  movement  patterns  of  hip  kinematics  in  all  three  planes.  The  findings  of  the
present study highlight the need for clinicians to consider foot alignment when examining patients
with asymptomatic pronation of the foot and non-pronation of the foot.

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