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Plantar Pressure Distribution Among Diabetes and Healthy Participants: A Cross‑sectional Study

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Author list: Mohammad Ahsan, Alsayed A. Shanb, Shibili Nuhmani
Publisher: Medknow Publications / Isfahan University of Medical Sciences
Publication year: 2021
Volume number: 12
Issue number: 7
Start page: 1
End page: 5
Number of pages: 5
ISSN: 2008-7802
Web of Science ID:
PubMed ID:
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eISSN: 2008-8213

Background: Plantar Pressure distribution refers to the distribution of force over the sole of the foot.
Recently many studies indicate plantar pressure distribution assisted in determining and managing the
impairment related to musculoskeletal disorders. Methods: This cross‑sectional study was conducted
with forty participants (20 diabetes type 2 patients +20 healthy) from Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal
University. All the measurements were taken in the morning session. To measure height and weight,
participants took off their shoes and stood on the stadiometer. The body mass index determined with
the  help  of  a  bioelectric  impedance  device  to  get  the  health  level  of  the  participants—Proclaimed
diabetes type 2 patients selected for the data collection. Tekscan's Mobile Mat was used to determine
the plantar pressure of healthy and diabetes participants. Results: The finding revealed that diabetes
participants  have  more  pressure  in  the  mid‑foot  section,  whereas  healthy  participants  showed  more
pressure on the heel section. The metatarsal section showed similar types of pressure distribution in
both  participants. The  result  also  revealed  that  diabetes  participants  have  more  peak  pressures,  time
integral, and gradient than healthy participants. Significant differences between diabetes and healthy
participants were existing. Conclusions: The findings highlight the importance of measuring plantar
pressure  distribution  since  these  are  known  to  incorporate  in  the  main  parts  of  the  foot  and  thus
provide a shred of constructive evidence for the total load exposer of a single leg static task.

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