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Relationship between Maximal Oxygen Uptake and Dynamic Stability in University Rugby and Soccer Players

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Author list: Mohammad Ahsan, Mohammad Feroz Ali
Publication year: 2021
Volume number: 9
Issue number: 4
Start page: 704
End page: 711
Number of pages: 8
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The  maximal  oxygen  uptake  and  dynamic stability is frequently assessed separately for different team
players.  However,  most  research  is  limited  to  specific sports players, so the maximal oxygen uptake and dynamic stability   in   rugby   and   soccer   players   are   poorly documented.  This  study  provides  relationship  between maximal oxygen uptake and dynamic stability in university rugby and soccer players. Twenty-eight participants were recruited  for  the  study  (14  rugby  players  and  14  soccer players).  Maximal  oxygen  uptake  was  determined  by multistage    fitness    test    and    dynamic    stability    was
determined by Y balance test. A linear regression analysis was  used  to  identify  relationship  and  effect  of  maximal oxygen uptake and dynamic stability on university rugby and   soccer   players.   Both   groups   were   similar   in characteristics.   Our    findings   showed   there   was    a significant   relationship   between   the   maximal   oxygen uptake  and  dynamic  stability  for  rugby  players  (r=.890) and   soccer   players   (r=.811).   Relationship   between maximal  oxygen  uptake  and  dynamic  stability  (r=.836) was significant for both sports players. Rugby and soccer players  achieved  good  scores  in  maximal  oxygen  uptake and  dynamic  stability  and  high  maximal  oxygen  uptake scores  lead  to  better  dynamic  stability  in  both  teams' players.  Maximal  oxygen  uptake  affects  the  dynamic stability.  Team  coaches  and  physiologists  must  consider
functional  test  outcomes   while  preparing  players   for competition. The individual training program should also be  established  on  test  outcome,  which  is  more  likely  to improve performance.

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