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Web Based System for Electronic and Electric Devices Maintenance

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Author list: Rawan Alqahtani, Fai Alqahtani, Fay Almutlaq, Yazan M. Alomari, Mohammad Awni Mahmoud
Publication year: 2020
Volume number: 15
Issue number: 8
Start page: 804
End page: 811
Number of pages: 8
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During the technology revolution it became necessary to have many services that will raise the quality of life for individual and reduce the time and effort spent in routine work, from this principle smart electronic platform was created, it includes a number of Saudi maintenance companies that provide their services with high quality and efficiency, where the owners of electrical and electronic devices return to it in case they want to maintain their devices besides a number of other distinct services that will maintain their devices and increase their production life. The proposed system was designed and implemented using the standard modeling language, as well as Microsoft visual Studio 2010, and MySQL Server was also used to manage the database. The system will be able to connect customers to many service providers and compare them through evaluation, user feedback and the choice of the best service provider, in addition to many services such as: saving warranty data that makes maintenance easy and efficient

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