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Evaluation of User Experience in Mobile Applications

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Author list: Mohammad Awni Mahmoud, Usama A. Badawi, Tamer Farag, Walaa Hassan, Yazan M. Alomari, Fahad A. Alghamdi,
Publisher: Primrose Hall Publishing Group
Publication year: 2021
Journal: International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change
Journal acronym: IJICC
Volume number: 15
Issue number: 7
Start page: 536
End page: 552
Number of pages: 17
ISSN: 2201-1323
Web of Science ID:
PubMed ID:
Scopus ID:
eISSN: 2201-1315

Mobile technologies have improved dramatically over the years which has allowed users to execute more functions when compared to previous models of mobile devices. Although there has been an increase in the effectiveness of mobile technology, it has come at the cost of usability. A well-designed and optimised user experience is important in a successful mobile application. A poor user experience can certainly contribute to application or product failure. The objectives of this research are to study and evaluate the user experience in mobile applications. Data for this research will be collected through observations and interviews. Both methods will help in evaluation of user experience. It is expected that the different methods proposed for evaluation of user experience will be helpful and serve as a source for enhancing knowledge regarding user experience in mobile applications.

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