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Can Online Reflections Assist in the Development of Reflective Thinking?: A Narration of the Experiences of Teachers in Saudi Arabia

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Author list: Shatha Mohammed Almalki, Caroline Walker-Gleaves
Publication year: 2021
Title of series: ICEDS 2021: 2021 2nd International Conference on Education Development and Studies
Start page: 72
End page: 75
Number of pages: 4
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Scopus ID: 85112767727

Across the globe, reflective thinking is considered a critical aspect of learning and professional development in teacher preparation. However, for reasons like time constraints and curriculum complexity, there are many international contexts where reflection is currently an adjunct activity in teacher training programmes. While engaging in reflection may be demanding for trainee teachers who do not have the experience, it may be considerably more difficult within an education system that, as is the case in many countries, lacks support for the development of metacognitive skills. The relevant literature indicates that the use of technology-focused reflective methods can improve the reflective abilities of trainee teachers. Thereby, the implementation of technology can facilitate and motivate pre-service educators to engage in reflection .

This research examines this context and attempts to understand the perceptions and insights of pre-service teachers’ experiences when engaging in reflection by using technology to facilitate their reflections to help them improve both professionally and personally during their school placement journey. A combination of action research framework design and narrative practice and analysis was used to study 12 elementary pre-service teachers in Eastern Saudi Arabia. This analysis exposes their stories as they develop their reflective frameworks. The technology adopted in this research used novel forms of graphic representation to help aid understanding and development of complex reflective concepts and their stages within this group of trainee teachers. The research has implications for the development of reflective thinking in training contexts unfamiliar with reflectivity and its significance in teacher growth.

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