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Effect of Combining Gamification and a Scavenger Hunt on Pre-Service Teachers’ Perceptions and Achievement

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Author list: Deema Abdulmohsen Alajaji, Abeer Aidh Alshwiah
Publication year: 2021
Journal acronym: JITE
Volume number: 20
Start page: 283
End page: 309
Number of pages: 27
Web of Science ID: 000669618000001
PubMed ID:
Scopus ID: 85109443557

To investigate the application of game elements to a non-gaming context (gamification), specifically on an early childhood teacher-training course.
Background This research proposes a teaching strategy that combines gamification elements
via e-quizzing tools with the main principles of a scavenger hunt (SH). The purpose of this blend is to provide learners with an exciting learning environment.
Methodology A convenience sample of 41 students was selected from the Early Childhood
Department of the School of Education in Imam Abdulrahman University
(IAU), Saudi Arabia. The learners’ perceptions of gamification and the Quizizz
e-tool were investigated using online scales, a focus group, and classroom observations. The teachers were also interviewed to gather their views on this strategy.
Contribution Gamification has been a focus of recent educational research, but many educators find it challenging to apply gamification effectively. Therefore, this research
proposes a teaching strategy that combines e-quizzing gamification elements
with the main principles of an SH to create an exciting learning environment.
Findings Gamification was found to improve trainee teachers’ perceptions of the selected teaching strategy. It also increased their motivation for learning and engagement with their peers, thereby proving Quizizz to be a useful gamification
tool, despite some technical difficulties

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