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Histological Studies on a Newly Isolated Bacillus subtilis D10 Protease in the Debridement of Burn Wound Eschars Using Mouse Model

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Author list: Kotb Ghareeb E
Publisher: MDPI
Publication year: 2021
Volume number: 13
Start page: 1
End page: 14
Number of pages: 14
ISSN: 1999-4923
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eISSN: 1999-4923


Proteases are among the most important industrial enzymes, playing
a critical role in the physiological, biochemical, and regulatory
processes of all living organisms. This study evaluated the histological
effects of a Bacillus subtilis D10 protease in combination with the antibacterial ointment silver sulfadiazine (SSD) on the burned skin of mice.

Materials and methods:

The bacterial proteolytic enzyme was produced and purified through
DEAE-Sepharose CL-6B and Sephadex G-100 FF. The in vitro protease
specificity was then determined. The dorsal skin of albino mice was
burned with 80% HCl solution, then treated under three conditions: cold
cream, SSD, and SSD combined with the tested protease. After 15 days of
daily treatment, the mice were sacrificed and skin tissue samples were
histopathologically examined using hematoxylin eosin, and Masson
trichrome staining.


The D10 protease hydrolyzed the proteinaceous components of
eschars (fibrin, normal collagen, and denatured collagen) in vitro. Mice
skins treated with protease and SSD mixture showed promising results,
with more rapid healing than the other treatments. This group
regenerated epidermis and dermis with newly formed granulated follicles,
fibroblasts and blood capillaries in the dermis, and collagen fibers in
the hypodermis.


These results suggest that the serine protease produced by B. subtilis
D10 promotes wound healing of mice skin burnt with HCl and restores the
normal architectural pattern in a shorter time than the standard


Bacillus subtilis; collagen fibers; protease; silver sulfadiazine; skin burn; wound healing.

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