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Effects of Eight Weeks Aquatic-Non-aquatic Training program on Aerobic Fitness and Physical preparation in junior Basketball Player

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Author list: Taghread Ahmed Elsayed Ahmed, Heba Ali Ibrahim Seleem, Ghada Mohamed Youssef Elsayed
Publication year: 2019
Journal acronym: Life Sci J
Volume number: 16
Issue number: 1
Start page: 111
End page: 118
Number of pages: 8
ISSN: 2372-613X
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This study aims to determine whether aquatic training and Non-aquatic training can improve aerobic
fitness, and physical preparation in younger basketball player. Eighteen basketball players (age=17.49±0.53 years,
body mass=67.37±1.17 kg, height=179.30±1.46 cm, sport experience=3.40±0.36 years) participate in this study. The
participants were randomly assigned to aquatic training group (AQT n=9) or Non-aquatic training group (NQT n=9)
to perform eight weeks of aquatic-Non-aquatic exercise twice weekly for 45 min, both in addition to traditional
preseason basketball training. The exercises included power skips, spike approaches, single- and double-leg
bounding, continuous jumping for height, squat jumps with blocking form, and depth jumps. Basketball players
were assessed before and after eight-week training period on VO2max, 20 m sprint, vertical jump, set and reach
flexibility, 1RM leg press and curl-up, agility T-test. The results showed that the two groups made significantly
improvements in all variables but the (AQT) made significantly improvements greater than (NQT). We conclude
that the aquatic exercises resulted in larger improvements in aerobic fitness, VJ, sprint, flexibility, agility, strength
and endurance than in the NQT group.

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