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Study of Antianxiety Property of Withania Somnifera Using Elevated Plus Maze in Albino Rats

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Author list: Mohammed Taher Ali, Rumana Farrukh Shaikh, Ashfaq Ahmed Mohsin
Publication year: 2019
Journal acronym: IJBAMR
Volume number: 8
Issue number: 2
Start page: 42
End page: 50
Number of pages: 9
ISSN: 2250-284X
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PubMed ID:
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eISSN: 2250-2858

Introduction: In the area of anxiolytic therapy, like any other, there is still the absence of a perfect drug. The use of barbiturates, with their inherent toxicity, low dose neuroleptics, with extra pyramidal side-effects potential, have given way to benzodiazepines and their over-usage for the past 25 years and more recently to buspirone with its delayed onset of action.

Materials and methods: All the experiments were performed between 0900-1400 hrs. Food but not water was with-held 12 hrs before experimentation. Institutional Animal Ethics Committee clearance was obtained before carrying out the study. The root powder of Withania somnifera was supplied by the Himalaya Drug Co., Bangalore. The powder was suspended in distilled water with the help of 2% gum acacia, which was used as the suspending agent. The dilutions were made depending on the doses used a stock solution of 10 mg/ml.

Results: The mean of total number of peeps out of closed arm Withania somnifera treated groups (III,IV & V) were 9.2±0. 70,10.0±0.68 and 10.5±0.62 respectively (P-value <0.01) indicating significant anxiolytic activity.

Conclusion: It was proved that the powdered root of Withania somnifera exerted an anxiolytic effect by the results of the elevated plus maze.

Keywords: Withania somnifera, Elevted plus maze, Anti anxiety property

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