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Adrenal surgery in a Teaching Hospital, implications for Residency Training

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Author list: Al-Awami SM, Al-Sultan AI, Al-Mulhim A, Wosornu L
Publisher: Medical Services Department Saudi Arabian Armed Forces
Publication year: 1999
Journal: Saudi Medical Journal
Journal name in source: SAUDI MEDICAL JOURNAL
Journal acronym: SMJ
Volume number: 20
Issue number: 1
Start page: 34
End page: 37
Number of pages: 4
ISSN: 0379-5284
Web of Science ID: 000078768300005
PubMed ID: 27605269
Scopus ID: 0002184203
eISSN: 1658-3175

Objectives: There are few reports of adrenalectomy from general hospitals in the Gulf Region, suggesting that adrenal pathology treatable by surgery is rare in our communities. The objective of this study is to confirm this and find its impact on surgical training.; Methods: We conducted the pertinent computer literature search and a 15-year retrospective study, on cases with adrenal surgery in a University teaching hospital in Eastern Saudi Arabia the King Fahd Hospital of the University.; Results: Of the 10 published articles, 8 came from one center and one each from 2 other centers in the Gulf Region. In King Fahd Hospital of the University, 13 adrenalectomies were performed in 15 years. Pheochromocytoma was the most common indication (6/13). Post-operatively, 2 developed wound infection; there was no mortality.; Conclusion: Adrenal pathology treated by surgery is rare in our community. Although we had only 13 cases, still, ours is the largest series reported from the Gulf Region. We suggest that, in agreement with other training centers worldwide, the Saudi Board for Health Specialties also may keep in mind well-documented fields of limited clinical material so as to make appropriate provision for Fellowship Training.

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adrenalectomy, surgical training

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