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Liste des auteurs: Richard J. Schmierer
Editeur: Wiley: 24 months
Année de publication: 1979
Journal: Language Learning
Nom du journal dans la source: LANGUAGE LEARNING
Numéro du volume: 29
Numéro de publication: 2
Page d'accueil: 243
Dernière page: 254
Nombre de pages: 12
ISSN: 0023-8333
Web of Science ID: A1979JQ08200002
Scopus ID: 84979339852

Two linguistic considerations essential for the successful teaching of English grammatical structure to students of English as a Second Language are noted. The first of these – that grammatical instruction given to ESL students must be linguistically complete – is taken as a fact which is universally recognized and 7 accepted by ESL structure teachers. The second – that linguistic complexity commonly varies in different manifestations of a given grammatical structure and that such varying complexity must be purposefully controlled and manipulated by the teacher of English structure – provides the focus for the present discussion.

This viewpoint concerning the role of linguistic complexity in the teaching of English structure is introduced using as an example the English present continuous verb structure. On the basis of this example, common shortcomings found in the instructional programs of those structure teachers who fail to take considerations of linguistic complexity into account in their instruction are then cited. Two further examples ‐ one concerning the linguistic complexity of negation as it interacts with the some/anydistinction in English, and one concerning the linguistic complexity found in English embedded sentences ‐ are introduced to provide additional support for the central theme of the paper: that the conscious manipulation of parameters of linguistic complexity is required for the successful teaching of English grammatical structure.

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