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Obesity and gastric balloon (2014)
Journal of Family and Community Medicine
Mohammed I Yasawy, Abdulaziz A Al-Quorain, Anas M Hussameddin, Zakia M Yasawy, Raid M Al-Sulaiman
Outcome of Midfoot Amputations in Diabetic Gangrene (2011)
Annals of Vascular Surgery
Elsharawy MA
Osteoporosis International
M. Sadat-Ali , A. H. Gullenpet , H. A. Al-Turki , T. W. Abdul Rahman , A. H. Al-Elq , M. Q. Azam , A. S. Al-Omran , A. Al-Othman
Open reduction and internal fixation of an acetabular fracture in pregnancy (2009)
Current Orthopaedic Practice
Bhattee, Ghias; Rahman, Mohammad Sayed; Rahman, Jessica
Osteoporosis-related vertebral fractures in postmenopausal women (2009)
Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal
M. Sadat-Ali, A. H. Gullenpet, F. Al-Mulhim, H. Al Turki, H. Al-Shammary, A. Al-Elq and A. Al-Othman
Oral and intraperitoneal LD50 of thymoquinone, an active principle of Nigella sativa, in mice and rats (2008)
Journal of Ayub Medical College, Abbottabad
Amein Al-Ali, Abdul Aziz Alkhawajah, Mohammad Akram Randhawa, Nisar Ahmed Shaikh
Osteosarcoma of the Talus: A Case Report and review of the literature (2008)
The Gulf Journal of oncology
K. M. Moghazy , M. A. El Sayes
Overweight and obesity in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia (2008)
Saudi Medical Journal
Al-Baghli NA, Al-Ghamdi AJ, Al-Turki KA, El-Zubaier AG, Al-Ameer MM, Al-Baghli FA
Osteoporosis related vertebral fractures: its prevalence in the Saudi Arabian society (2007)
Osteoporosis International
M. Sadat-Ali, A.H. Gullenpet , F. AlMulhim , H.A. AlTurki, H. Al-Shammary, A.M. Al-Elq, A. Al-Othman
Otogenic brain abscess management (2005)
Bahrain Medical Bulletin
A. A. Ashoor
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