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Stacking-based modeling for improved over-indebtedness predictions (2022)
International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology
Suleiman Ali Alsaif, Adel Hidri, and Minyar Sassi Hidri
Saudi Arabian Research Output on big data Publications using the Scopus database: A Scientometric Study (2021)
Library Philosophy and Practice
Hashem Hussein Al Attas, Md. Safiqur Rahaman, and Khadeeja M. N. Ansari
Scientometric Profile of the Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University: A leading University of Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia (2021)
Library Philosophy and Practice
Md Safiqur rahaman, Isam Mohammed Abdel Magid, Shakil Ahmad, Abu Waris, Mirza Muhammad Naseer, and Manuelraj Peter
Sclerosing Encapsulating Carcinomatous Peritonitis: A Case Report (2021)
Saudi Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences
Saeed Alshomimi, Ali Hassan, Zainab Faisal, Afnan Mohammed, Omran Al Dandan, and Hind S. Alsaif
Seropositivity of syphilis among individuals screened in a tertiary hospital in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia (2021)
Annals of Saudi Medicine
Nahid H. O. Wanni, Reem Al Dossary, Obeid E. Obeid, Nourah Hasan Al Qahtani, Zaheenul Islam Siddiqui, Ayman A. El-Badry, and Khaled R. Alkharsah
Seroprevalence of rubella virus among pregnant women: A 4-year registered-based study from family medicine and obstetric clinics in Saudi Arabia (2021)
International Journal of Clinical Practice
Nouf A. AlShamlan, Reem S. AlOmar, Amani S. AlOtaibi, Omar Y. Almukhadhib, Abeer A. AlShamlan, Abdullah H. Alreedy, Najwa A. Zabeeri, Magdy A. Darwish, and Malak A. Al Shammri
Shifting to Critical Medical Humanities With the Theatre of the Oppressed (2021)
Academic Medicine
Goyal, Manoj; Bansal, Monika
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