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Accessory breasts: When to excise? (2005)
The Breast Journal
Alghamdi H, Abdulhadi M
Analysis of hepatitis C virus core antigenemia in Saudi drug users (2005)
Saudi Medical Journal
Alhusain J. Alzahrani
An audit of assessment tools in a medical school in eastern Saudi Arabia (2005)
Journal of Family and Community Medicine
Abdullah M Al-Rubaish, Khalid U Al-Umran, Lade Wosornu
Angiogenesis: a new factor on the block (2005)
Mir Sadat-Ali, Ibrahim Al-Habdan, Mohammed A. Shawarby
Antidermatophyte activity of ether extract of Nigella sativa and its active principle, thymoquinone (2005)
Journal of Ethnopharmacology
Salih Hamad Mohamad Aljabre, Mohamad Akram Randhawa, Naeem Akhtar, Omar Mohamad Alakloby, Abdulrahman Mohamad Alqurashi, Ali Aldossary
Apoptosis and diseases: Regulation and clinical relevance (2005)
Saudi Medical Journal
Faris Q. Alenzi
Apoptosis role of FAS/FAS ligand system in the regulation of myelopoiesis (2005)
The Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine
Faris Q. Alenzi, Saleh M. Al-Ghamdi, Waleed G. Tamimi, Abdulaziz M. Al-Sebiany, Iman M. El-Nashar, Iman El-Tounsi, Mohammad S. Bamaga, Maher M. Al-Enazi, Ali S. Al-Amri and Iman H. Al-Sheikh
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