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Shifting to Critical Medical Humanities With the Theatre of the Oppressed (2021)
Academic Medicine
Goyal, Manoj; Bansal, Monika
Sickle cell disease in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia: Clinical and laboratory features (2021)
American Journal of Hematology
Amein K. Al-Ali, Ahmed Alsulaiman, Mohammed Alfarhan, Surinder Safaya, Chitti Babu Vatte, Waleed M. Albuali, Hatem O. Qutub, Alhusain J. Alzahrani, Jacqueline N. Milton, Martin H. Steinberg
Author's Reply (2020)
Journal of Family and Community Medicine
Zaenb H. Al Salman, Fatimah A. Al Debel, Fatimah M. Al Zakaria, Marwa M. Shafey, and Magdy A. Darwish
Non-intubated uniportal VATS surgery is feasible approach (2020)
Journal of Thoracic Disease
Zeead M. AlGhamdi, Seha Ahn, Kwan-Chang Kim and Sook-Whan Sung
Health risk and sports participation (2019)
Saudi Journal of Sports Medicine
Mohammad Ahsan
Letter in Reply: Chronic Diseases Management Using Digital Health Technologies (2019)
Oman Medical Journal
Alkuwaiti A, AlMuhanna F, ALAMRI S
Push-Out Bond Strength of Calcium Silicate-Based Materials (2017)
Medical Principles and Practice
Majeed, Abdul, AlShwaimi, E.
Understanding the Dynamics of Poliomyelitis Spread in Pakistan (2017)
Atta Abbas NAQVI, Syed Baqir Shyum NAQVI, Nida YAZDANI, Rizwan AHMAD, Niyaz AHMAD, and Fatima ZEHRA
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