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A Comparison of Different Remifentanil Effect-Site Concentrations to Allow for Early Extubation After Cardiac Surgery (2021)
Journal of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anesthesia
Alaa M. Khidr, Mohamed A. Khalil, Dalia Abdulfattah and Mohamed R. El Tahan
Airway Challenges in Sanjad-Sakati Syndrome (SSS): A Case Report and Review of Literature (2021)
Mohamed A. Khalil, Alaa M. Khidr, Talal M. Alghamdi, and Najeebah A. Al Elk
An approach to café au lait macules in primary care setting (2021)
Journal of Family and Community Medicine
Seereen R Almuhaidib, Fajar A Aldulijan, Najlaa A Alkanaan, Abdulmohsin K Almulhim, Khalid S Alyami
Blunt Abdominal Trauma Leading to an Incidental Finding of Duplicate Inferior Vena Cava (DIVC): A Case Report and Literature Review (2021)
The American Journal of Case Reports
Mamoun Nabri, Norah J. Alromaih, Sharifah A. Othman, Elham S. Alghusnah, Hossain Abu Al Ola, Adel Elbagir, and Ayman O. Nasr
Predictors of Illness Severity in COVID-19 Cases in Saudi Arabia (2021)
Infection and Drug Resistance
Reem Al Dossary,1 Amani Alnimr,1 Reem Aljindan,1 Khaled R Alkharsah,1 Ahmed K Al-Qurayn,1 Obeid Eltreifi,1 Feras A Alkuwaiti,2 Abdullah B Almashouf,2 Ahmed M Alsahlawi,2 Amal Alshammari,3 Dhoha Hudhaiah,3 Mohammed S Alshahrani,4 Huda Bukhari
Angiocentric invasive ductal carcinoma: Breast images (2020)
The Breast Journal
Maha Abdel Hadi, Afnan Al Muhanna, Jumana Alratroot, and Mohamed A. Shawarby
Prevalence of the SARS-COV2 Infection among post quarantine healthcare workers (2020)
Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare
Alshahrani M, Alnimr A, Al-Nassri S, Al-Jehani Y, Alabdali M
Exome sequencing of Saudi Arabian patients with ADPKD (2019)
Fahad A. Al-Muhanna, Abdullah M. Al-Rubaish, Chittibabu Vatte, Shamim Shaikh Mohiuddin, Cyril Cyrus, Arafat Ahmad, Mohammed Shakil Akhtar, Mohammad Ahmad Albezra, Rudaynah A. Alali, Afnan F. Almuhanna, Kai Huang, Lusheng Wang, Feras Al-Kuwaiti, Tamer S. Ahmed Elsalamouni, Abdullah Al Hwiesh, Xiaoyan Huang, Brendan Keating, Jiankang Li, Matthew B. Lanktree and Amein K. Al-Ali
Novel KRAS gene mutations in Saudi colorectal cancer patients (2014)
Pathology-Journal of the RCPA
Walid M. Naser, Mohamed A. Shawarby, Dalal M. Al-Tamimi, Arun Seth, Abdulaziz Al-Quorain, Areej M. Al-Nemer and Omar M. E. Albagha
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