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Early detection of air embolism (1983)
H. Farag and A. W. Ibrahim
Early Detection of Postnatal Depression and Its Associated Factors in Saudi Arabia (2018)
Research & Reviews: Journal of Nursing and Health Sciences
Dalal Sami Aldossary, Maha Mohammed Al-Madani and Neama Mohamed Fouad Kamel
Early dexamethasone treatment in preterm infants treated with surfactant: A double blind controlled trial (1999)
Journal of Tropical Pediatrics
Yaseen H, Okash I, Hanif M, Al-Umran K, Al-Faraidy A
Early diagnosis of thyroid cancer diseases using computational intelligence techniques: A case study of a Saudi Arabian dataset (2021)
Computers in Biology and Medicine
Sunday O. Olatunji, Sarah Alotaibi, Ebtisam Almutairi, Zainab Alrabae, Yasmeen Almajid, Rahaf Altabee, Mona Altassan, Mohammed Imran Basheer Ahmed, Mehwash Farooqui, and Jamal Alhiyafi
Early‑onset Evans Syndrome in a 4‑Month‑Old Infant: A Case Report and Review of Literature (2017)
Saudi Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences
Khaled Kamaleddin Mohamed, Faisal Othman Al-Qurashi, Mohammad Hussain Al-Qahtani, Yasser Shawki Osman
Early plaque formation on PTFE membranes with expanded or dense surface structures applied in the oral cavity of human volunteers (2020)
Clinical and Experimental Dental Research
Alberto Turri, Emina Čirgić, Furqan A. Shah, Maria Hoffman, Omar Omar, Christer Dahlin, and Margarita Trobos
Earthquake-Induced Structural Pounding (2015)
Robert Jankowski, Sayed Mahmoud
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